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Judah Honeycutt


Judah grew in a large family in a small town, as one of 9 siblings, falling into number 6 in the lineup. Born and raised in Pegram Tennessee, she grew up around 7 brothers and only one sister. Judah was the more creative/girly out of the bunch. At 16 she got her license and a car and immediately started working at Starbucks in 2020, where she became a trainer and coffee master, and after about a year saving up she got her dream car. As a young girl she was always interested in anything beauty, whether it was skin care, hair care and hair styles, as well as nails, she knew it was the only thing for her. Judah and all of her siblings being homeschooled, she graduated high school a year and a half early and applied for cosmetology school immediately after. Now she is finishing up school and getting ready to take her state board tests. Judah is interested in color, color correction, haircuts and styling, but most of all building strong connections and relationships with people, and getting to be the one who puts a smile on their face and make their day.

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